Solutions to Customer Mass Ordering Problems

In order to facilitate the mass customization of foreign customers, standard length specifications are now available. Three lengths can be used to meet the needs of all lengths within 3000mm of single opening and 6000mm of bi-parting opening through simple cutting. For example: 1800mm long can be cut to 1300mm; 2400mm long can be cut to 1800mm; 3000mm long can be cut to 2400mm long. And two sets of 1800mm single door track can be combined into a 3600mm bi-parting door track (the 3600mm bi-parting door track can be cut into 2600mm length)... (Simple cutting does not affect function and operation,after cutting, you only need to adjust the length of the moving rail through the corresponding screws and you can use it) Order No longer limited to custom lengths.For details, please click on the PDF system documentation



Yunhuaqi Magnetic Levitation Intelligent Sliding System Manua

HG5661Smart Sliding System Manual