Magnetic levitation Single-track wooden door

Magnetic levitation Single-track wooden door

All the maglev doors need to use Yunhuaqi independent research and development of linear motor.

The customer chooses the corresponding motor model according to the weight of the door leaf.

Yunhuaqi monorail system is also applicable to Maglev intelligent push-pull cabinet system products (such as bookcase, wardrobe and TV cabinet)

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Yunhuaqi Maglev linear motor

t (1)

1-(Package tube)  2-(Coil set)  3-(Switch the button)  4-(Blocked)  5-(The terminal A)   6-(Printed Circuit Board) 7-(Shock-absorbing pads) 8-(Nut)  9-(The terminal B)


Schematic diagram of motor decomposition

t (5)

Motor 4830

t (4)

Motor 4230

t (3)

Motor 3630

t (2)

Motor 2430


Compact aluminium housing: only h63 x 50d mm

Minimum clear opening: 600 mm Guide length: 1220mm

Maximum clear opening: 3000 mm Guide length: 6020mm

Leaf weight up to 250 Kg

Adjustable opening speed: 200 to 500 mm/s

Low operating noise: <40 dB

Power supply: 230/110V AC 50-60Hz

Power consumption:

– In operation: 30 W

– Peaks (0,2 sec): 150 W

3,Simple installation, easy operation:

The design of Yunhuaqi automatic door machine is compact. The width of conventional automatic door machine is only 50mm and the height is only 63mm (the specification of minimum width 24mm and height 40mm can be customized). The length can be cut according to the requirements of door opening, with small occupation volume. During installation, only the track needs to be fixed on the door beam. During use, the track can be cut according to the size of the door opening.

4,A New Clean Technology

Yunhuaqi Magnetic Linear motor will maintain a clean environment being particularly suitable for clean rooms, hospital intensive care facilities to operating room, food factories and other locations, which are dust and dirt sensitive. Since many points of friction associated with regular automatic doors are reduced, Yunhuaqi automatic door has less wearing parts and so produces less dust particles.


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