Maglev automatic sliding door switch accessories

  • Wireless Hand Sensing Switch

    Wireless Hand Sensing Switch

    The long strip panel is triggered by double induction mode.

    The upper part is in non-contact mode and the lower part is in touch mode.

    The Wireless Hand Sensing Switch is widely used in industrial automatic sliding doors and entrances and exits for opening and triggering, and can be used with magnetic levitation automatic doors in various scenarios such as home kitchen doors, balcony doors, cabinet doors, and bedroom doors;


  • Wired Microwave Sensor for Automatic Door

    Wired Microwave Sensor for Automatic Door

    It can be used for induction matching of various automatic sliding doors. It has high induction sensitivity, fast and accurate response, excellent microwave penetration and interference free. It is fully used in industries, automatic control and other fields with high requirements.It can be installed on the top ceiling or wall fixing according to different environments, and its sensitivity and sensing range can be adjusted.

    Especially in recent years, with the emergence of automatic doors driven by magnetic levitation linear motors, microwave sensors are better combined with  automatic sliding doors, and are widely used in industrial and household magnetic levitation automatic sliding doors area.