Advantages of Maglev automatic door

Magnetic levitation automatic door is becoming more and more popular. You can see it everywhere. What are the advantages of magnetic levitation automatic door? Yunhuaqi magnetic levitation tells you below


We often say that the safety of the product itself is the real safety. Because of its magnetic drive and non-contact characteristics, the movement of the door leaf of the magnetic levitation translation door is particularly light. It can change the movement direction with a little force.


The unique non-contact drive design eliminates the noise of motor, belt and other transmission, making the maglev unit slide on the ice and very quiet. In this case, even in the state of work, rest and reading, the opening and closing of the magnetic levitation translation door will not affect you at all. The maximum noise is only 50 dB, creating a relaxed and pleasant indoor living atmosphere for you.


The magnetic levitation sliding door can be controlled by sensors, button switches or remote controls to automatically open and close the door, bringing more convenience for entering and leaving the room. You don’t have to worry about the embarrassment of opening the door without hands with a big pot of hot soup. It is more convenient for children or the elderly to get in and out of the room. Due to the characteristics of magnetic drive, the door leaf is particularly light. You can even open the door leaf automatically by directly pulling a short distance by hand. This is the so-called push & go function. In case of power failure, the door can still be used as a manual sliding door, which will not bring inconvenience to your life.

Rich application scenarios

In addition to hardbound residence, maglev sliding door has many application scenarios, such as spa club, office, conference room, VIP lounge, restaurant, etc. in senior nursing home or hotel.

Post time: Dec-01-2021