Maglev automatic door changes life

With the continuous progress of science and technology, people’s lives have also undergone earth shaking changes, and traditional household products are rapidly moving closer to the trend of intelligence. From traditional door to Maglev automatic door, it is convenient for people’s life. Today, Yunhua will take you to analyze the advantages of Maglev automatic door.

Advantages of yunhuaqi automatic door

1. Safe

The magnetic levitation automatic door program has the function of rebound in case of resistance. It will rebound automatically as long as it encounters resistance greater than 10N. There will be no pinch or injury

2. Intelligence

For different use environments, sensors, fingerprint locks, IC cards, password locks, face recognition and other control systems can be accessed to control the opening and closing of automatic doors.

3. Power saving

Energy saving, environmental protection, standby power 10W, very power saving.

4. Simple structure

The maglev pulley system converts electricity into magnetic power, drives and completes the opening and closing of the door under the control of microcomputer

5. Small volume

Because the traditional rotating motor is changed into a linear motor, the shape and function of the motor have been fundamentally changed, so the volume of the magnetic levitation automatic door has realized a small change. The minimum section shall be controlled within 55mm in height and 47mm in width.

6. Easy installation

The maglev automatic door adopts overall assembly, overall delivery and overall installation. On site, only the door body needs to be hung on a firmly fixed beam or wall, and the door body can be used. It eliminates the cumbersome steps of assembling parts

7. Mute

There are no gears and belts inside the maglev automatic door, which is completely driven by magnetic field. There is basically no mechanical friction noise. It is very quiet and comfortable.

8. Worry free power failure

There is no belt inside. Even if there is a power failure, it just loses the automatic door opening function and becomes a manual sliding door, which is worry free.

Yunhuaqi Maglev

Yunhuaqi is a global provider and service provider of high-end maglev smart home sliding system solutions. Since its establishment in 2010, the company has been committed to providing excellent magnetic levitation intelligent sliding system solutions for home intelligent applications. Its product line covers intelligent sliding system applications such as maglev doors and windows, cabinets, wardrobe, curtains and sunshades. The company has set up a national marketing operation center in Nanjing, China, and a R & D technology center and production base in Nanchang. It is a solution supplier of Maglev smart home sliding system integrating research, production and sales.

Post time: Dec-01-2021