The first phase of Yunhuaqi Business School gave a hot lecture ,and more than 40 students successfully graduated.

New era of intelligence, empowering new development! In order to help the partners have a deeper understanding of the application effect of magnetic levitation technology in door and window products and its empowering effect on brands, on June 18, with the theme of smart and beautiful, forge ahead with you and me Yunhuaqi Maglev Business School the first phase of the magnetic levitation business school kicks off.

More than 40 students from 11 companies including DIAOSI, CHAPER Doors and Windows, NEHOW, DAOJAR, KaiKai, FAOS, EAFA, Mingzhu Chuangzhan, ALVBaBa, YiBei Doors and Windows, and ST.VANNO gathered at Yunhuaqi Maglev South China Headquarters Base and started a magical journey brought by Maglev technology.梁总致辞

General Manager’s Speech – Empowering Door and Window Enterprises with Intelligence

At the event site, Lianghuanxin, general manager of Yunhuaqi Maglev China, extended a warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to the students, and deeply expounded the purpose and significance of establishing Yunhuaqi business school. He said that Yunhuaqi business school aims to cultivate talents and meet the needs of door and window enterprises for technology upgrading. He hopes that Yunhuaqi magnetic levitation technology can help door and window enterprises rise up on the intelligent track and successfully seize the highland of the intelligent door and window market.云华起商学院第一期 2

Visit the exhibition hall – experience Maglev technology from “zero” distance

Later, the students walked into the Yunhua South China magnetic levitation exhibition hall and experienced the convenience brought by the magnetic levitation technology and the advantages of the magnetic levitation automatic door. The immersive exhibition hall design enables the students to truly feel the advantages of Yunhuaqi maglev technology in terms of safety, silence and convenience.

In fact, Yunhuaqi magnetic levitation technology is widely used in hotels, office buildings, shopping malls, supermarkets, hospitals, banks and other public places, as well as hardbound residences, offices, conference rooms, VIP lounges and other places. The non-contact opening method has significant practical significance for reducing the spread of viruses and improving the quality of life.

Theme training – improve students’ abilities in an all-round way

Pan Shiji, chief engineer of South China technology and gold medal tutor, and brought theme courses training for the students around the development trend of intelligence, magnetic levitation selling points and advantages, magnetic levitation installation technology, product configuration and use, etc.

Pan Shiji’s views resonated among the students. At the training site, the trainees spoke enthusiastically, asked questions actively, and raised their doubts one by one. Pan Shiji answered the questions one by one and guided the students to think deeply about the broad prospects of the application of magnetic levitation technology in the new era. The students said that they had benefited a lot.

商学院第一期 4

Certificate of Completion – The event came to a successful conclusion

The rich training content seems to speed up the pace of time. Unconsciously, the training course is coming to an end. The trainees passed the training successfully. General manager Lianghuanxin awarded the completion certificate to the participants. In a warm atmosphere, the first phase of Yunhuaqi business school came to an end.

With the morning light of magnetic levitation, the prelude to the intelligentization of the door and window industry is opened. Relying on the business school, Yunhuaqi Maglev focuses on cultivating new talents with solid foundation, broad vision and leading technology for the door and window industry based on the new “blue ocean” of door and window intelligence. The second and third training activities will also be launched in succession. Yunhuaqi business school is looking forward to your visit!

Post time: Jun-20-2022