What is the principle of Maglev door

With the continuous progress of science and technology, maglev home has gradually entered people’s families to provide convenience for daily life. Next, Yunhua maglev will introduce the principle of Maglev door to you.

The term “magnetic levitation” is well known. It should start with the magnetic levitation train: the whole train is suspended on the track through the principle of magnetic pole repulsion, and the friction between the body and the track is almost zero, so as to achieve an unprecedented high-speed mobile experience.

Although the principle of Maglev translational door is similar to that of maglev train, it is not really suspended on the track (the realization cost is too expensive), and it still moves on the track through pulley. However, under the characteristics of magnetic drive, its structure and operation characteristics are essentially different from those of traditional translational door; First, let’s take a look at the structure of the traditional translation door (as shown in the figure below). The motor rotates the drive wheel, drives the belt, and the hanger wheel and door leaf move back and forth on the track; They are all in contact driving mode, with large friction, noise, wear, impact force of door leaf and large driving volume.

Let’s take another look at the structure of the maglev translational door (as shown in the figure below). By changing the current of each coil in the linear motor, the magnetic field changes, and then drives the permanent magnet carrier to drive the door leaf to move back and forth on the track. There is no contact between the linear motor and the bearing frame, which belongs to the non-contact driving mode; Because there is no contact and the mechanical structures such as motor and belt are completely omitted, the noise is small, the wear is small, the door leaf runs light, and the driving volume can be made very small, as small as the ordinary manual sliding door track, but it is fully automatic!

Post time: Dec-01-2021