Yunhuaqi product appears at 2021 high tech fair to display maglev smart home sliding system

The 23rd China high tech fair was grandly held in Shenzhen from December 27 to 29, 2021. Nanchang Yunhuaqi Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Yunhuaqi intelligent) brought a new maglev smart home sliding system scheme to meet the audience

Magnetic levitation uses the action of magnetic field to make two parallel magnetic fields realize dislocation operation and achieve the effect of operation under the action of “same pole repels each other and different poles attract each other”. Maglev linear motor has the characteristics of quieter, safer, maintenance free, convenient installation, large design space, intelligence and so on. The maglev smart home sliding system using maglev linear motor technology has 9 highlights:

1,Automatic induction opening and closing. The sliding system is controlled by digital chip, which can be seamlessly connected to various automatic sensors, compatible with various external control signals, form recognition with high precision, and make the door opening and closing process lighter and smoother.

2,Silent and durable. The magnetic levitation power direct drive technology is used to replace the traditional rack structure. The door body runs more quietly, with micro wear and micro resistance. The light structure has passed the rigorous test of continuous operation for 1 million times; High quality power supply is adopted to effectively protect against various accidents caused by power consumption and effectively ensure the stability of the system.

3,Remote control is more optional. You can remotely control the door on the smart phone. When the host is not indoors and a guest wants to come in, you can click app to remotely open the door, which is convenient and safe.

4,The micro-power drive assembly is safer

The unique micro-power drive system assembly of the maglev intelligent system makes the moving force of driving the door body only a few kilograms, which is enough to avoid the squeeze discomfort of the door body to the user in various extreme accidents. When the door body accidentally encounters the human body, it will automatically recognize the state change, and then leave the human body in the opposite direction, allowing the user to retreat calmly.

5,More tolerant in accidents.

The power loss of the magnetic levitation system is extremely small. Even after an accidental power failure, it will not affect the free opening and closing of the door. You can just push and pull gently by hand. Thanks to.the high power conversion rate and low power, after power failure, it can be connected to the lowest cost backup power supply system, and the automatic opening and closing can be restored.

6,Exquisite design and better space utilization. The magnetic levitation intelligent system adopts parallel push-pull design, with small volume,the door no longer takes up unnecessary space after it is opened, which effectively improves the space utilization rate and breaks the physical limitations of space.

7,Low-carbon, energy-saving, and more money-saving.

The average power during operation is equivalent to a small energy-saving lamp.At standstill, the power consumption is only about one watt, and the monthly power demand of the family is only about 1 kWh.

8. Maintenance is more worry free. The maintenance process of the maglev smart home sliding system does not need to adjust the decoration structure, and all components can be replaced quickly, making the maintenance and repair more convenient.

9. More comprehensive application scenarios. It can be used in all links of the whole house home intelligent system, such as maglev doors and windows, cabinets, wardrobe, curtains, sun shading, etc.

Yunhuaqi Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. adheres to the corporate vision of “making maglev intelligent life into thousands of households”, Yunhuaqi Intelligent continues to optimize the maglev technology platform, through the application of maglev intelligent technology, to open, inclusive, and win-win A new model, to build a new era of home intelligent overall solutions, to create tomorrow with strategic partners, and to improve the living lifestyle of more families with wisdom.



Post time: Jan-15-2022