Wireless Hand Sensing Switch

Wireless Hand Sensing Switch

The long strip panel is triggered by double induction mode.

The upper part is in non-contact mode and the lower part is in touch mode.

The Wireless Hand Sensing Switch is widely used in industrial automatic sliding doors and entrances and exits for opening and triggering, and can be used with magnetic levitation automatic doors in various scenarios such as home kitchen doors, balcony doors, cabinet doors, and bedroom doors;


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Product  Advantages

1. Wireless installation without wiring, the switch is powered by battery (note: the receiver needs to be wired)

2. It can be pasted with strong double-sided tape, or fixed on various metal and other panels with screws on the back panel.

3. It is simple to learn the code pairing. Self-learning code type.It will learn the transmitter code when using it, and it can learn 20 transmitters.

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Product  Parameters

Non-contact sensing distance 20mm  
Standby current 10.5μA
Emission current 13.4mA   
Working humidity ≤90%
Power supply battery Button battery 3V
Wireless distance Sight distance of 30m, partition wall of 12m
Overall size 135mm*36mm*10mm(L*W*H)
Installation method It can be pasted on the movable door leaf or on the wall at will
Appearance color Black / Mirror face color
Weight 100g




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