Magnetic levitation double-track single open door

Magnetic levitation double-track single open door

The Residential automatic doors market is almost blank. The reason is that the traditional automatic door has a large squeezing force on the human body, and it meets the national standard within 150N, so it has poor safety and takes up a large space, generally 200mm*150mm, which takes up a lot of family space. After several years of use, the metal gearbox gear will produce noise, and the belt will also produce noise. It needs professional installation master to replace it, the structure is complicated, and the manual maintenance cost is high.

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Compared with traditional automatic door motors

The linear motor automatic door is characterized by high safety and low squeezing force, only 1-3 kg. High security. Quiet, no need to replace the belt, simple structure, low maintenance cost, gradual research and development is almost maintenance-free or the user can maintain it by himself, without the need for professionals. Occupies a small space, 24mm*36mm.

Traditional electric door motors have high hardware costs, low software costs, low intelligence, and average use effects. Linear motors for electric doors have low hardware costs, high software costs, high intelligence, and good use effects.


double track single open 2
double track single open

Magnetic Levitation Double-Track Single Open Door

Two fixed tracks, one linear motor, simple structure, small size, double-track cross-sectional area is about 94*73mm, sealing strong, more quiet, high safety, built-in mobile phone blue tooth APP, motor can maximum bearing 300kg, and guide track length can be flexible customization according to customer's door size , built-in anti clip features, internal parts modular manufacturing orbit,no worries with after sales. Suitable for a variety of door structure, can be suspended, can also be installed on the ground rail, the center distance frame size can be adjusted according to customer size, the minimum center distance can be 50mm. Apply to all kinds of study door, office partition door, shower door and so on.

Currently we have three main installation methods

Top installation,side mounting and hidden installation.Customers can choose an appropriate installation mode according to their own needs

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