Magnetic levitation telescopic doors 1+2

Magnetic levitation telescopic doors 1+2

The Yunhuaqi magnetic levitation intelligent sliding system is already a very mature technology, and it is technically no problem when applied to the sliding door hanging rail pulley. The most obvious change of the sliding door with magnetic levitation technology is that it is completely noiseless, opens and closes very smoothly, and is extremely sensitive. Any obstruction or block the door will sense and stop closing, which ensures the safety of the door. Families with the elderly and children should pay special attention to the safety performance of the product. If this magnetic levitation technology is applied, this type of safety hazard can be greatly reduced.

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Telescopic sliding doors 1+2

In addition to being applied to door and window products, yunhuaqi maglev intelligent sliding system can also be applied to intelligent mobile systems such as cabinets, wardrobe, curtain shading and so on..With yunhuaqi maglev intelligent sliding system, the automatic door opens and closes sensitively, safely and safely, quiet and noiseless, which can bring a very good home use experience

In your home life, choosing a unique combination of home furnishing products can add different characteristics to your home decoration. Yunhuaqi breaks the tradition, seeks innovation and changes, and brings a unique flavor to your simple life.

Magnetic Levitation Telescopic Doors 1+2

1,What is a telescopic sliding door?

Telescopic sliding door is actually a kind of upgrade of traditional sliding doors. The traditional glass sliding door is generally two large doors, there is no linkage device between the doors, opening and closing will not move together, after opening the two doors overlap together.

Telescopic doors have one or two more doors (or more) than traditional sliding doors. Each door is located on a separate track and has a linkage device, In the process of opening and closing one door, other door leaves will open and close together synchronously. According to the number of doors, telescopic doors are divided into telescopic three doors, telescopic four doors, five doors and so on.

Telescopic doors 1+2 means there are 3 tracks, with 1 fixed door,the other two doors sliding together. We can also do without the fixed door, then it will be telescopic doors 0+2 .


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