Magnetic levitation drive electronically controlled atomized glass door system

Magnetic levitation drive electronically controlled atomized glass door system

Electronically controlled atomized glass door

It refers to the light source on the door body or some functions that need power supply to start, such as color changing glass, luminous band on the cabinet door, liquid crystal display, LED display, etc. It is required that the door can continuously supply power when moving. At present, the commonly used power supply methods are drag chain power supply and brush power supply.

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Magnetic Levitation Drive Electronically Controlled Atomized Glass Door System

The magnetic levitation track has simple internal structure and small size. It is convenient for design, and can realize two modes of drag chain power supply and brush power supply without affecting the appearance.

There is no restriction on the carrying door body, which can be applied from bare glass to aluminum frame door, then to wooden door, as well as hospital door and elevator door. Assemble the fitting hardware fittings and the fitting bending cover plate to solve the problem of wiring. The U-shaped double slide design is adopted to avoid derailment accident, make the operation more silent, and reduce the swing amplitude of the door leaf. The track can be disassembled in a modular manner. All accessories (including motors) inside the track can be disassembled independently. The built-in Bluetooth receiver module is used for mobile phone control to open, close and lock doors. In case of problems, the track can be disassembled without damaging the wall, It can also disassemble any parts inside the track, with worry free after-sales, magnetic drive, no mechanical transmission, stable equipment, low failure rate, comfortable feeling, no friction between gears and belts, and real silent feeling.


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