Magnetic levitation Four-leaves bus door

Magnetic levitation Four-leaves bus door

Bus door, also called flat door. It refers to the door body when in close condition, realizes to go up in same plane with the door body of both sides or cabinet body. In appearance, there is no plane difference between the door bodies. It is a kind of embedded door body. The door body moves forward and backward through the guide rail, and then moves in the left and right directions. It is a kind of two-way moving door body. Maglev bus door is the manual bus door combined with the maglev track through the structural design, and the power is provided through the maglev track to realize the automatic and intelligent control of the bus door.

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Maglev bus door:

Applicable scene TV cabinet, wardrobe, wine cabinet, bookcase, etc

The track is suitable for a variety of cabinet structure, track internal parts modular production, no worries about after sale. When closed, all doors are in a horizontal plane, very beautiful.

Low-carbon, energy-saving, and more money-saving.

The average power during operation is equivalent to a small energy-saving lamp, and the power consumption is only about 1 watt at rest. The monthly household electricity demand is only about 1 kWh.

The micro-power drive assembly is safer

The unique micro-power drive system assembly of the maglev intelligent system includes at least the synthetic power output part and the external power sensing part. The synthetic power output part makes the moving force of driving the door body only a few kilograms, which is enough to avoid the squeeze discomfort of the door body to the user in various extreme accidents. The external power perception part can keenly identify the power and reaction power states. When the door body accidentally encounters the human body, it will automatically recognize the state change, and then leave the human body in the opposite direction, allowing the user to retreat calmly.

More tolerant in accidents

Thanks to the characteristics of the non-mechanical power system, the power loss of the magnetic levitation system is extremely small. Even after an accidental power failure, it will not affect the free opening and closing of the door. You can just push and pull gently by hand. Thanks to the high efficiency of power conversion, the power consumption performance of the maglev system is excellent in both dynamic and static conditions. If you need to continue to automatically open and close after a power failure, you can easily access the lowest cost backup power system to accommodate all Kind of accident.


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