Magnetic levitation single-track glass door

Magnetic levitation single-track glass door


Maglev is short for magnetic levitation.

Magnets can also drive trains forward .Like poles are two north or south poles. They repel and push against each other. Both help move the train forward.. Like same poles repel each other and Push the train forward. Opposite poles attract and Pull the train forward .

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The maglev automatic door uses the principle of magnetic field :

The same poles repel each other and the different poles attract each other. Through the transformation of the magnetic field, the thrust and tension are generated to make the magnetic field move continuously. Yunhuaqi

applied this high-tech to the accessories of home furnishing products: the structure is simple, using the same principle as the "maglev train" to drive operation. Yunhuaqi Magnetic Levitation Smart Sliding System is a global high-end magnetic levitation smart home mobile system solution provider and service provider, focusing on the research and development of magnetic levitation automatic doors, quiet and comfortable, energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and supports convenient operations such as mobile phone remote control, scene-based control, and automated control. !

Take the door and window application as an example. The appearance of the door body equipped with magnetic levitation is no different from ordinary sliding doors. The perfect combination of magnetic levitation track and door body solves the pain points of traditional belt conveyors that need to be externally mounted and occupy space. This is the application of magnetic levitation. One of the main reasons for home improvement; the moving rail full of permanent magnets moves in a straight line without physical friction in the magnetic field generated by the precision motor, making the door quieter and smoother during driving.

Yunhuaqi magnetic levitation intelligent sliding system is already a very mature technology. The sliding door adopts magnetic levitation technology. The most obvious change is that it is Ultra-quiet, opens and closes very smoothly, and is extremely sensitive. If there is any obstacle, it will be sensed. To and stop closing, which ensures the safety of the door. Families with the elderly and children should pay special attention to the safety performance of the product. If this magnetic levitation technology is applied, this type of safety hazard can be greatly reduced.

In addition to the application of the Yunhuaqi magnetic levitation intelligent sliding system to door and window products, it can also be applied to intelligent mobile system applications such as cabinets, wardrobes, curtains and sunshades. The Yunhuaqi magnetic levitation intelligent sliding system is adopted, which is sensitive to open and close, safe and secure, quiet and no noise, which can bring a very good home use experience.


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